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-September 2011-
Lauresco goes online.

In order to better respond to our growing success, we are proud to present our first website.  This website aims to inform our customers and to provide them with the latest news.  Also take a peek at our "Special offers" page!


-From the beginning-
We proudly comply to environmental standards.

Very few standards govern waste management, re-use and sustainable plans in the renovation industry. For an example, we are forced to change an entire floor for a small corner damages. Because we care about our planet,  we do our best to give a second life to some material when possible, by either bringing the material to a ecological center or to artisans and craftsmen. Because the material is the customer's property, it is important to emphasize on the non profit goal of this operation; the only fees incurred are handling and transportation fees, in the case of metals recycling for example.

It goes without saying that we dispose of paint and other hazardous products by bringing it to a recycling center (mostly a renovation center like Rona, Réno-Dépôt, Home-Dépôt, etc).  Unfortunately, specialized paint shops only recover paint containers that they sold.  Regarding recycled paint, we have not yet found a solution that we judge appropriate. But we are constantly looking...



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